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    05 Jan 2019
    2019 Cat and Dog calendars would make great festive gifts for family & friends! $15 (purchase at SDF office or at events) $20 (order via e-mail and delivered via courier)
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    02 Jan 2019
    Neutering – we paid for the neutering of 18 animals – 6 female dogs and 12 male dogs. Shelter Support – we helped 2 shelters by providing a van full of...
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Street Dog Foundation was founded in Regina, Canada on 1 May 2015.

We focused on neutering of stray and rescued animals and on education of children about responsible pet ownership.

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Monthly Expenses: February 2019

Monthly Expenses: February 2019 Learn how we’re engaging the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals. SDF continues to advance animal welfare and shape the way animal organizations care for animals and engage their communities. In January,...
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We depend solely on the generosity of the public and sponsors to continue our services and activities. Please help us provide emergency support for animals in need, both now and in the future through ALL of our mission-driven programs and services.

We appreciate all donations, big and small!

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